Mar 24, 2011


You know what's hard? Friendships. Maintaining friendships, let alone making new ones. I'm not talking about fair weather friends, that's cake. But a real friendship. Woman to woman.

You hear time and time again that relationships are hard, they take work (as in you and the person you're in love with) but I disagree. My sweetheart and I have never been work. That's ease. That's love. That's joy. Maintaing relationships with other women friends, that's work.

I will always believe I'm a good friend. If I love you, I love you until the end. I listen. I listen, listen, listen. I advise if needed, I sit quietly and support if needed. I hear you out, I'm on your side, I want the best for you.

Maybe I too often establish that I'm only the listener / supporter and end up feeling like I'm not being cared for the same way?

Maybe because as you get older and get married, seeing your friends is too few and far between?

What hurts is when you feel like you give but don't get in return. Maybe those on the other end have no idea.

Maybe I should speak up. Maybe I should make an even bigger effort. Maybe I'm exhausted from that. Maybe I'm now too easily letting things go. I don't know.

Obviously, I'm more content to spend time with my sweetheart, first and foremost. But maybe I just want a little more TLC sometimes.

Maybe what's bothering me is that I'm still confused and broken hearted over a friendship that I've pretty much lost. Recently. And I am still not sure why or what happened. In my mind, I didn't want to be the supporter and the lone pursuer of a quality friendship. I wanted to back off to see if she'd come to me, too. She didn't.


Maybe she didn't care like I did? Maybe she didn't see it like this? Should we hash it out? I don't know if I have the energy. I don't know if my emotions can handle it.

Maybe I'll start to feel better just getting this much out.


  1. I totally know what you mean, I've had such a hard time with girlfriends! I agree that women are way harder to maintain relationships with then your spouse! You let me know if you ever need anything, I would love for us to be better friends! xo

  2. I completely know what you mean. One thing that has recently happened with me is I found out that one "friend" of mine was only really there to be supportED. When it came to being a friend for me or even coming to my wedding, she isn't present. It's really hard to let it go but I feel it needs to be done. I tried ignoring her lies for long enough anyway. The difficult part is finding a way to let it go. Do you just stop getting together with them until they get the point or is some sort of confrontation needed?

  3. OMG I SO get what you mean !! Women are hard to get along with... you always have to be up to their standards and think like they do or like what they like..
    Like you said, you were always there to support but she wasn't there for you.. Girls are often insecure and jealous of what you have so they love to be "praised" by you... little did they know, you were being sincere and actually cared for her... oh lord I feel you <3