May 14, 2010

Ironman 2

Saw Ironman 2 last night. Wasn't as good as the first. Sequels seldom are. I swear to god every time I go to a movie the most annoying person in the crowd is next to me or behind me. Sure enough, two chicks behind us talked and laughed way too loudly through everything. I don't even like going to movies anymore. It's not comfortable, I shift the whole time 'cause the chairs hurt my bum and I cant stand strangers too close to me, chomping their food, texting, and talking like it's their own living room. Sofa king rude.

Anyway. Mickey Rourke was a badass. Now that's an actor for you. Such a small role, he had probably one page of dialogue and what a character he created! I wanted to see more of him. Sam Rockwell was great. You were so annoyed by him. Robert I'll always love but I wanted him to have cooler stuff to do, like in the first movie. The drunken fight in the house with Don Chedele was lame. Gwenyth I usually love, and she did a fine job, but I'm never sure what I think of the casting choice for Pepper. Then there was Scarlett Johanson. I don't think she holds her own alongside such heavyweights. She's the same in every movie. I didn't believe that she was that tough and kicking ass. She isn't physically right, she doesn't look strong. I read that Emily Blunt was supposed to play Black Widow originally. Now that would have been badass. Evangeline Lily would have been awesome, too.

I love superhero movies. I wanted to love this second one as much as the first, but I had moments where I zoned out. Granted, it was hard to concentrate with two chatterboxes behind me.

Spiderman is still my #1. I think I love just about everything about all three Spiderman movies. So far, nothing can beat it for me.

What is your favorite superhero series?

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