Sep 8, 2009

Omg, FUN!

Surgery! Needles and anesthesia and doctors, oh my!
I looooove surgery!

(This is the part where you feel my sarcasm comin' atcha thru the interwebs!)

Sooooo in case you haven't noticed, this tiny little blog gets the least amount of attention than any of my other sites. By, like, a LOT. And you'll also see it's the one part of my interweb persona that gives you a teeny tiny more personal glimpse into, what else?

A day in the life of Deena Marie.

Soooo some of you know I had to have surgery last thursday, Sept. 3. Nothing major. Although isn't "minor surgery" an oxymoron? You know, like, "constructive criticism"? ;)

I had my first ever surgery a year and a half ago. And this was something related that wasn't quite worked out from the first one. There's never a convenient time to do it, to take a week off from life. But what are you gonna do?

I soon found out that I didn't get over my fear of doctors and needles and anesthesia like I thought I had. In fact, I may have been even more freaked out leading up to it. I mean, I got through it the first time...but what if that was lucky? What if this is the time where I wake up in the middle of the operation and try to scream out but they don't know I'm awake and I feel it all?! Or what if I have a heart attack and die in the middle of it? My poor husband and parents out there in the waiting will the doctors tell them? What will they do? What if they start operating just before I'm fully out?

Can you tell I often let my imagination get the best of me?

I think surgery must be like having a baby. The first few days are from hell. My tiny body has a hard time dealing with getting anesthesia out of my system and taking lortab. I don't even like to take a freaking advil. I sleep constantly so I hardly eat. I lose weight. And I'm full of drugs. But when my coma starts to wear off and I come back to the land of the living I forget how much it all sucked and have to ask everyone what I did and said and how bad of a patient was I? It's kinda like what chicks say about having a second baby. You forget the pain, so you do it again.

Anyway. This time I came around a day or two sooner and now my problem has been BOREDOM! I'm. So. Bored. I can't stand not being productive and not being able to leave the house!!!!!

I have to go back to see my dr. tomorrow and it will be the first time I've left the house in almost a week! If you know me, you know what a busy bee I am so this has been torture. At first, I tried to think of it like a vacation. An involuntary vacation, but a vacation. But...I can only take so much of laying in bed watching tv and playing online. My bum hurts from all the sitting!

I hope to be right back to normal by the weekend. I hope. I have too much to do!

We're in the midst of the "New Moon" shoot and now I'm totally stalling our production! But guess what? I promise it will be up by the end of september!!!! We have started editing what we've already filmed, and one of our actors (Edward, ladies) recorded his vocals in the studio yesterday! I heard the finished version today and peed a little. Everything about this video is going to be bigger and better then "Twilight High School Musical"!


Wish me a speedy recovery! :)

xoxo DM


  1. OMG Deena, I didn´t know you had a surgery!!
    I´m glad evrything is good!!
    LOL- big imagination!! I´m the same..."what if...?"
    I really can´t wait to see "NEW MOON"!!!!
    I wish you a super-speedy recovery :)
    Big hug <3

  2. Awww Deena i didn't about your surgery hope you are alright!