Sep 30, 2009

I could scream!!!

This is not a happy blog :( but one I needed to write to let all my friends and viewers know what happened with "Scream Queens".

So many of you tweeted @SQCasting telling them you'd love to see me on the show and left a comment on VH1's blog :

Without divulging details I promised I wouldn't, what I can tell you now is this:

I made it far. Very, very close. And in the end? I wasn't picked.

To say that this is devastating to me is an understatement. I'm not gonna pretend like this one didn't bum me out. It did. Big time.

I'd bet a million bucks nobody else wanted it more, worked harder on their audition and submission tape, stressed out, lost sleep
and truly ached for this.


I have cried a bunch. I feel heartbroken.

I wanted to thank you all for the support
you've shown me in rooting for me!
It means the world to me, you have no idea!

I'm definitely going to try for this again next year.

I've set up an email for the next time I try.
I want to show them a year in the making...

so if you think they

a.) Should have used me this year
and or
b.) Want me on next year

Let me know at
I'll be using your emails somehow as part of the audition submission.

Bunches of love to all of you!


Deena Marie

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  1. Damn, sorry to hear it, Deena :( But you've got the right idea! "A Year in the Making of Beaner Larue"... yeah, it's got a nice ring to it ;) You're always full of great ideas, so I know you'll kick some major ass with the new project and even though it's disappointing right now, you may realize that this wasn't a missed opportunity here, it's just another route to even more opportunities! I wish the best of luck to ya, girl, and don't forget- all of your fans are going to be sitting here right along side you throughout the new year and the new project!