Sep 5, 2009

"New Moon: The Musical" *update*

Alright kiddies, the time you've all been waiting for is almost here!
The highly anticipated follow up to "Twilight High School Musical"..."New Moon: The Musical"! We've done a combo of two trailers that are out there. Four characters. Three songs. Bigger and better than last time! We only have one more scene to shoot in a week or so...and then we'll record vocals and the editing will begin! Here are some sneak peek shots from the set!

Click photos for larger image!

1 Me
2 Trevor, Freddy, Me
3 Me, Dave, Trevor
4 My mom, Me, Trevor

Bella, Jacob and Laurant (out of costume) haven't filmed Edward yet :)


xo &

xoxo DEENA

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  1. soooooooo excited!
    glad to see that freddy is back! maybe he'll start making youtube videos again. :D