Jan 29, 2015

Skin Care Secrets!

Years ago when I was in the midst of terrible breakouts and rounds of accutane, if you would have told me a time was coming when people wanted to know my skin care tips I never would have believed you.  It was a long journey.  Actually, it still is.  It never ends.

You want to start by finding out what type of skin you have.  I took the lengthy quiz in The Skin Type Solution back in 2011.  I found out that the main issues for me were dryness and sensitivity.  This book is incredible.  It's detailed and filled with products ranging in price that fit your specific needs.  Imagine my surprise when I found out just about everything I had been using for breakouts and moisturizer up to that point were the exact opposites of the ingredients I needed! 

Only recently have I stepped up my game when it comes to products.  No more over the counter for me.  Now my conversations are with estheticians who can teach me more about what I need, and make recommendations.  

My daily routine consist of washing my face in the morning with dove sensitive skin soap.  Then I use GlyMed Plus, an AHA accelerator just before my face has become completely dry.  I need to catch it before my dryness kicks in and my both skin tightens up, and even wants to flake in some areas.  This product is all about cell turnover.  

When that's nearly dry, I lotion.  And lotion.  And lotion some more.  Not all at once, but maybe 2-3 times as I start my makeup.  I start with my eyebrows and eye makeup first, so I can do several all over applications.  My lotion of choice is one I discovered back when I read the Skin Type Solution and has been my favorite ever since.  Aveeno Ultra - Calming.  

Another item I love is the Tinkle Facial Razor.  Use this to remove the peach fuzz on your face whenever you feel you need to.  Silky smooth! 

My skin is far from perfect, and I have some pigment issues.  Easily covered up with base, but noticeable without.  I was using the SkinCeuticals Advanced Pigment Corrector for awhile, but I think I'm slightly too bad of a case for it to really do the job.  I have had a few laser treatments on one spot darker than the rest.  It's lightened up but it's still not gone.  I'll definitely need more laser on it down the road.  I have had a couple other options mentioned to me for pigment issues, and I'll look into those and report back down the road.  

At the end of the night I always wash my face.  Same soap, followed by the same lotion before bed.  

Last but not least, one of my very favorite options out there.  Injections.  Yup.  Botox.  Right before my wedding I decided to give it a try.  I went in and got the lines by my eyes, or crows feet, done.  Holy.  Cow.  I am serious when I tell you my only regret is that I didn't start this five years ago.  Ten years ago.  Now every three months, I get it done.  That means this week was my third time ever.  I went to Cynthia Clarke at The Body's Edge and she was different than what I'd experienced my two times before.  She made marks on the areas she was going to inject, and went further down as she injected, closer to under my eye then I'd had before.  This was something I'd been wondering about, and wanting.  She was so gentle.  Trust me, I hate needles.  And I never flinched or made a peep!

It took me so long to try botox because I thought it was for older people.  But it's preventative.  Can you imagine how perfect your skin would be if you started it before any lines started forming? Or in those areas that have always bothered you, but are purely genetic? You might have a line or two somewhere at 20, and maybe none until you are 45, skin is just different.  And genetics play a huge part.  And there's not just botox, but so many other kinds of injectables for various areas.  I am so excited about it.  I love it and I highly recommend Cynthia and The Body's Edge in Sandy, UT! While your there, get a facial or chemical peel with my personal skin guru and master esthetician Krista Quintana!

The difference - no crease at the corner of the eye!

So there you have it.  All my secrets! When I was in earlier this week I picked up a new product, Retinol Renewal by PCA Skin that I'm going to be starting soon when my AHA Accelerator runs out.  We've talked about alternating.  I'll let you know how it goes!

One last thing on my particular journey with keeping my skin clear, is the birth control pill really helped me maintain.  This fall, I unfortunately had to go off because it was causing migraines.  I have noticed a bit more breaking out.  I'm hoping it doesn't get too out of hand, and if it does, then I'll have to start experimenting.  I'll keep you posted. 

Hope this was helpful! Let me know if I can answer anything else on skin, products, or my makeup routine!

Thanks for reading,

Deena Marie 


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