Nov 18, 2014

The universe in you

Last night as I got in my bed and turned out the light, I tried to be still and turn the focus inward.  

I concentrated on what is inside and the image of a nebula came to me.  I’d never quite pictured that before, but I almost laughed out loud, it felt so right.  It’s so hard to contain what we are inside this skin.  Being a human always feels so unnatural.  Of course it does! It literally is

No wonder we’re all such a mess.  So slow to open our minds and our hearts, to begin the path down enlightenment on any level.  We don’t know what to do or how to do it and in this particular time when I am me and you are you, we find ourselves with limits and labels and rules and voting and predjudices. 

It’s just really fucking hard to fit the star stuff we are into a temporarily tangible being and figure out how we're supposed to make a "life" out of it.  

And, well, I’ve never been sure I’ve cared for it much.

I constantly want out, and off, and up...

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