Nov 29, 2014

My muse.

My muse.  My mirror.  My guide.

He keeps me in the moment more than I’ve ever been, 
I've realized love is fragile, and precious, 
and I don’t dare to take a second of it for granted.
There is no option other than to be here, now.  

He keeps me in love with our life together.  
I find myself wanting our human experience to freeze in time.  
I don’t want us to grow old, I don’t want us to die.  

I want this.  

There was a time when I longed for anything but,
now I am grateful to be bound to earth.

I am boiled down to my essence, love.  
I am full to the brim.

I am not asked to fit into his already established life, 
instead we are two equals agreeing to build together. 

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