Nov 6, 2012

Week 5 NYC #13

Sunday Oct. 28
Today was the first of a few days of being trapped inside waiting for Hurricane Sandy to arrive.  We weren't in danger, but we still didn't know what we were in for.  Strong and scary winds? No subways? Trapped for a week? Who knows.  Myself, roommates and a friend of theirs decided to make a few hurricanes while waiting for the hurricane.  I wasn't sure if I'd still have class the next day.  In the evening I got the email that it would be cancelled.  I was sad to miss a class, since I'm taking them on borrowed time.

Monday Oct. 29 
Still no sign of Sandy.  Started of the day with brunch.  Glued to the news again.  The first few days of waiting for the hurricane blur to me.  At some point the subways are shut down, and airports are closed.  I knew I was prone to feel a little claustrophobic at times, but this took it to a whole new level.  Four people in a small space was too much for me.  Knowing airports were closed so I couldn't leave if I suddenly needed to made it even worse.  It was hard not having my own things.  Trapped in my own home, and with more space it would have been a different experience.  I went back and forth between needing a break from being trapped with the same people to disappearing in my room for some alone time, then feeling too lonely, and back to being trapped with the same people.  I wanted to be productive, but couldn't concentrate.  Plus, there really wasn't much I could do.  Just wait.  Wait to see what the damage would be and where.  Wait to see when transportation would open.  What would be cancelled and what would go on.  The ticket I'd bought before I left for NYC to see Dita Von Teese the next night was now cancelled.

Tuesday Oct. 30
Watching everything on hulu humanely possible is about all I remember on this point.  The entire first season of "Bunheads" and who knows what else.  We walk down the street that morning.  A breath of fresh air feels good, but it's rainy and still too windy to even keep our umbrellas open.  Back inside it is.

Wednesday Oct. 31
Today I need to get outside and walk! And I do.  I leave the apartment at 139th and just go.  I walk to central park, just to see it closed with my own eyes.  Like a ghost town.  I walk alongside of it while I talk on the phone.  I get to the 80's and turn back.  My Halloween plans with some girl friends have been foiled.  The show we were going to see before hitting the town is now cancelled, and there's really no hope of even meeting up since we're trapped in different locations.  At the apartment, we decide to have an impromptu Halloween party.  My roommates invite friends who live close and are able to get here.  There's only a handful, but it's great.  I had brought my skeleton costume I'd work the year before.  Most of the night is spent with the karaoke machine.  We also find out that subway service will be partially restored tomorrow.

Thursday Nov. 1
I get to spend the afternoon at a friends place, catching up.  It's been nearly a year since I've see Joyce.  Since we were in a show together in SLC.  She moved back permanently shortly after.  I adore her.  She inspires me.  This was a much needed afternoon.  We talked about "the price you pay for having a wide life."  I told her that's why I came here.  I always have and always will need to have a big life.

Friday Nov. 2
I decide to take the subway as far as I can, which is only to 34th street.  I want to see how far downtown I can get before I get too tired and need to turn back.  I wonder if I can see any damage.  Other than power being out everywhere and building being closed, I don't see anything.  I spend about three hours on foot.  I pass Alan Cumming as he's walking his dog.  I take some pretty cool pictures as I'm out and about though.  When I get home, I'm excited to import my photos from Halloween and from the walk.  They import just fine.  I start editing.  I export.  My computer freezes and iphoto quits.  When I reopen, my last import is gone, and I'd already deleted from my camera.

You've got to be kidding me.

That night I go to "Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolf" on Broadway.  I've loved that play for years, and I've never seen the movie or a production.  This one was fantastic.  Particularly Tracy Letts as George.  At the end I'm trying my best not to let the tears start rolling down my face.

It's suddenly gotten very cold.

Saturday Nov. 3 
I get up and get to a movement class.  More on that here.  I didn't anticipate it staying so cold.  I came to the city with no coat.  I buy a cheap one at H&M.  I leave the tag on so I can return it.  I pass by and pop into the hotel I've stayed at the last two times I came here.  It's familiar and cozy and I am reminded of the drastic difference of being here as a resident and as a vacationer.  Right now I really prefer the latter.  I have my weekly trip to my favorite mexican restaurant.  I head home.

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