Dec 7, 2011

I cried at "Breaking Dawn" and I'm not ashamed!

I've said it before and I'll say it again. I'm either a teenage boy trapped in a chick's body or a gay man. A really fabulous gay man.

I don't cook.
I don't clean.
I don't decorate.
I don't make crafts.
I don't like kids (unless they're related to me or an offspring of a VERY close friend).
I like to shop by myself, super fast. Or order online.

Okay so it's looking more like teenage boy.

It doesn't even dawn on me to do things most girls do.
Not to mention...

I laugh at fart jokes.
I make too many fart jokes.
I think most chicks are crazy.
I have more dude friends than chick friends.
I love video games.
I love superheros.
I swear like a sailor.

But I do like coffee dates, lunch dates, fashion, dressing up, and Twilight.

Okay so now it's looking more like fabulous gay man.

The moral of this story is that a week or so ago I had one of those emotional reactions that only my fellow females will understand. I went to see "Breaking Dawn" and I cried pretty much through the whole thing as I ate my ice cream. Seriously. Only chicks will get this, when I ask what happened to Kristen Stewart? How was she actually so good in this one? She didn't twitch or fidget and she looked gorgeous. Girlfriend is growing up. It was totally Bella's movie. You could feel everything she felt. Her walk down the aisle. How nerve racking it is until you see your dude standing at the other end. The way she was looking at herself in the mirror before she finally got to knock the boots with Edward, the way she looked at herself after that milestone. I seriously liked it. I can't wait to go again.

And even though I'm not ashamed to admit how much I love Twilight, that even when it's so bad it's still good, you know I like to poke fun at...well...most everything. So here you go. My reenactment / summary of my Breaking Dawn experience in 2 minutes.

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