Dec 25, 2011

Christmas, 2011

Among my favorite gifts today were an iPod touch, a Dwight K. Schrute bobble head, a sweater I've been wanting from Urban Outfitters and a big candy unicorn horn. Last night's favorites were a Legend of Zelda bag and a canvas painting of my dog.

I love Christmas eve. It's fun and feels special and you know there is still more to come. Christmas morning is always a little cozy, a little magical and a little anticlimactic. Because when the day is over, then what? There's that awkward week in between leading up to New Years Eve then when January 1st hits it's back to real life and the cozy magical time is over and it's time to get back to work. And usually with a burst of extra vim and vigor. Christmas day begins the reflection for me, and I already start thinking of what I'd like to take with me into the New Year. I will write a lengthier blog wrapping up this year but for now there are a few things I'm going to be mulling over and trying to apply starting now and into 2012.

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