Dec 10, 2010

A pair.

My sweetheart and I are a true pair. You rarely find one without the other. I know many couples. Married, dating, new, old, long term, short term etc. I like to learn how so many twosomes work. What's normal to them. How they do it. They're all very different. It's so interesting! A relationship is never about one or the other, but the combination of two specific people together. Some combinations are toxic, some are great. One person you're either toxic or great with could mean the opposite when paired with someone else. It's all so so so specific.

This month, it's been 6 years since we first met. Mind you, we didn't start dating or anything. That took awhile. But December 2004 was our first brief introduction at a call back for a play. I was auditioning for him. :)

It's amazing how you find your "groove" together over the years and how it changes. In our case, we get closer and closer. It's always been easy, natural, fulfilling, enhancing and completely the way it was supposed to be for us. We can barely remember what it was like before we were a family.

That's our favorite term. Our family.

The other day he told me about watching an interview and someone saying that the number one most important element of all, everything else aside, was being best friends.

We agree 100% and very much feel we are the best of friends. If you are not the best of friends then it's never gonna work. In my two long term relationships be fore him (which were very different from us and very different from each other) we were no way, no how best friends first and foremost. In fact, as people, I hardly got along with either of them more often than not and never really knew if I truly even liked them as people.

I think that's the secret. That's all there is to it. I miss him when we are apart. We can't wait to just be together. It doesn't matter what we do. Home in our cozy's watching tv or out on a date. We are just always together. It's always assumed that we'll go together, we'll be together. Not in a co dependent way, this is the healthiest relationship I ever could have imagined having. But simply because we are a pair. We would rather be together than not. We like to talk to each other, about everything no matter how small. We like to laugh. To joke. To eat. To cuddle our puppy and cuddle each other.

He said the other day we're a pair. Like a pair of lovebirds. In love, stuck like glue. People say it's not human nature to be monogamous but we disagree. Humans can very much mate for life.

It's pretty special to truly have a partner like that. I feel so lucky every day that we met and it was mutual.
I never ever ever take it for granted.


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