Dec 31, 2010

If you're sick, stay home.

Today is friday. I've been down & out with the flu from Sunday until, well, this morning. Every time I've gotten sick I really push it and want to be right back up & at it as soon as I possibly can. Which is always too soon. I wouldn't say I get sick a lot...but...I kinda get sick a lot ;) At least once or twice real good a year. Compared to those that just seem to never get anything.

I haven't had the actual stomach flu like that since elementary school. Good lord it's brutal. I'll spare the details, but it was bad. I wouldn't wish that action on my worst enemy bad.

I'm trying to really pay attention and listen to my body and I'm learning much better what I can and can't physically do. I've learned that I just don't bounce back from being sick easy. In fact, I spent monday and tuesday on the couch or in bed. Honestly, I could barely stand without thinking I was going to pass out. I've had no appetite and I've been exhausted.

Every day I thought I'd be able to jump up and go to zumba. But I just couldn't. This time I didn't risk anything. I stayed in until this mornings two hour zumbathon. I took it pretty easy, too.

I'm proud of myself for not fighting it for once, even if I did spend my final free week in my pajamas, watching tv.

At least I'm ready and able to properly celebrate New Years Eve with friends and champagne tonight!


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