Sep 27, 2010

I AM: 50 things challenge

Just uploaded a new video to my main channel.

Yes, this video is very different than my comedic parodies you're used to!

Had a new idea & wanted to try it out. I came up with this idea, at first, from putting myself out there on the internet and being known to my viewers as only a youtuber or comedian. In my "real life" I'm known as a dramatic actress and a model in various circles of friends and those that I work with. I don't consider myself only ONE of these things. I want all my worlds to know that I'm more than just one thing...I'm FIFTY different things. Then I realized, this doesn't stop at just youtubers, or entertainers. It's EVERYONE! We are all real people with feelings and lives and families. We often forget that about each other and therefore treat one another poorly...or unequal. One person is not better than another. When you talk badly to someone/about someone, that person is someones daughter, son, wife, husband, mom, dad, etc. How would you like any of your friends or family to be treated poorly? I challenge you to make your video response to my video! Doesn't have to be fancy, do it however you like. Spread the word! Get your family & friends in on it! It's about what we ARE (not what we're NOT, only POSITIVITY here) and WHO we are. Get to it!

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