Jan 27, 2010

Drama Queen

(Me at 17 backstage of a play, "Guys and Dolls")

I just found a box full of diaries. I used to write almost every night like crazy. We're talking elementary through high school up through living in NYC. They. Are. Amazing. I was so detailed, so descriptive. Intense, passionate...a young girl. I told my parents about finding them and they told me they always thought I'd grow up to be a writer. I was the girl whose teachers called to tell my parents I had something special, to keep an eye on my writing (and drawing). I used to take all kinds of advanced classes outside of school. In this box I came across a few short stories as well. One was a Vampire tale and boy does it suck I never tried to do anything with that. I was way ahead of Stephanie Meyer! As you know my life took a very different course, the course I'm sure it was meant to. But I think I'd like to dable in writing again! Who knows what and how, but a dable nonethelsess!

What I'm going to do over the next little while, mainly for entertainment sake, is post the stories and diary excerpts here! I will protect identities and locations but I think you'll get a kick out of them.

My sweetheart, as I read long passages to him, said forget "Jersey Shore"! There really needs to be a reality show on acting students in NYC living together in dorms, dating each other. Such drama! Such flowery language!

So stay tuned folks... you're going to get a VERY rare glimpse into my past lives!



  1. I did "Guys & Dolls" when I was 27! In fact, I was laughing because my profile picture is backstage during "Guys & Dolls"! Sept-Oct 2007

  2. Deena I think you're really talented. I could totally see you write anything, first thing that comes to mind is a childrens' book staring Honey Bee with illustrations by you. Second that comes to mind is a book based on your diaries, people eat that stuff up! Then again everything you do is a hit!