Aug 16, 2009

Land Before Time

Something amazing happened yesterday.

"The Land Before Time" came on the HBO Family channel and I watched it and was in love with it and pretty much cried through the whole thing. Then "The Land Before Time II" came on right after!!!! And then another and another! How many are there?!

Apparently (as I was just alerted on twitter by the fabulously funny @jimmyrabbitte) there are 13 AND two sing-a-longs!

I'm dying.

We got them all on tivo when we had to leave to go watch roller derby last night and after a long day of shooting for Ford today, what better to come home to than these spunky baby dinos?! There's pretty much one of every dino in the group and boy does adventure find them!

I'm learning so much, like how to conserve water, the importance of community, to be nice to everyone and to run from the sharp teeth.

Why is Little Foot so wise? And where does his beautiful singing voice come from? How can I make Ducky real and have her as a pet? She is the most precious thing I've ever seen! She repeats everything twice! Yes she does, yes she does! I know she'd get along great with Noodles! Why do they stay babies and never grow up? Why is that Petrie so tiny?

The lyrics to the songs are just as awesome, too. "When you were an egg you were a cutie but now you're a real beauty!"

I think if HBO Family was the only channel I could have I would be okay with that. Yes. I said that.

If you haven't seen these I suggest you find them. Now. And let me know if you also laugh, cry and get up and jump around when the songs come on. I'm telling you, it's edge of your seat, action - packed Suspense with a capitol S!

In the meantime, go familiarize yourself with these dinos here:


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