Aug 11, 2013

August to August.

The way we experience time is funny.  I've brought that up a lot here.  Why a a day with the same amount of hours in it as the one before can fly by or never end.  We are in control of how time passes.

I don't like to measure in time, yet dates always get me.  I'm very aware of anniversaries.  I'm not talking birthdays or relationships, but the other life markers.  My life is full of sensitive, beautiful, tragic dates.  Most of which you'll never know about.  You can't, because only I can experience them.  This is my point of view.  It is my story to live...but sometimes to tell.  

Right now it's 10:27 on August 11th.  It's Sunday.  Last year this day was a saturday night.  I remember it clearly.  I remember what I was wearing.  I remember what that night held.  What it meant.  

The next day, August 12, 2012 the universe shifted me once again.  I took photos on that day.  

I love capturing everything in a photo, in a blog entry, in a poem. 

You will never know my sadness in those photos.

Or if you know me well, look closely and maybe I'm not fooling you at all.

What a difference a year makes.  That seems to be a recurring theme in this blog.

On this day last year, or on that Sad Sunday if you would have asked me if I could have imagined my life being what it is now, today, in 2013 I never ever would have believed you.  

I am still speechless.  
I am still somewhat scared I am living in a dream.  
I am still learning that it's okay to let myself experience my truth and my happiness, 

I am still seeing examples all around me of synchrodestiny in this tailor made universe, and the sense that we are all not only safe, but just where we are supposed to be in a grand scheme deepens.  

You belong.  I belong.

I feel it.  I feel loved.  I feel wanted.  I am.

That's all for now.  

10:37.  Ten minutes.  

Thank you...

Thank you...


""Even if I now saw you only once, I would long for you through worlds, worlds." 
- Izumi Shikibu"

Deena Marie 

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