Feb 8, 2013

Short Hair don't care.

I did a NAHA shoot last month.

Yup, this means I changed my hair AGAIN.  I have some great behind the scenes photos I can't post.  The sneak peeks I got of the actual shoot are outta this world.  I can't wait for the reveal.  I wanted to show the new hair transition so I made the shots from the day of the shoot black & white and didn't show too much so you can't see the color my hair was, or the makeup, or any other details.

In my aim to have no attachment to my hair, I decided to go with the flow of what comes.

You know what? I really like having short hair and especially having some part of it shaved.  It feels rebellious against the standard of beauty we have had in our society for so long,  but that standard is definitely changing.  It's such an exciting time for women with what's becoming the norm for our hair (that sounds much more archaic than I hoped, but you know what I mean :) ).

I LOVE the current short hair trends.

Here's the latest transformation to pixie on the top, party in the back :)

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