Aug 10, 2010


So yeah. Remember in my last blog I was all about a break? Turns out that's not happening just yet. It also turns out I didn't need it like I thought. It'll be a week tomorrow since my surgery and I'm already dying to get out of the house. Got a call today & I start a new project next monday and couldn't be happier to get back to - what else? Acting, characters, the stage...what I DO. I think before it was my *immediately post show exhaustion/reaction* writing to you. I'm happy to inform you she's gone. I'm also happy to inform you that the surgery went well and while it'll be a little longer before I'm 100% back, I'm definitely on my way!

The Twilight ECLIPSE musical parody is coming out ONE WEEK FROM TODAY! It's by far my favorite! Can't wait to upload!



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