Apr 20, 2010

Spring Cleaning

So I've deleted my myspace page. RIP myspace. Over 5 K friends no more. There was just no point. I don't use it, I don't communicate with anyone there like I do on facebook, twitter, youtube, etc. I didn't like that there was a site floating around with a bunch of my stuff on it that I wasn't regularly checking and monitoring. Feels good to have one less website to worry about!

Spring cleaning. I've also started a massive undertaking of cleaning out my closet and REALLY trying this time to get rid of things I've had for years and don't wear. I mean YEARS. I feel like I'll want it as soon as I throw it out but let's face it, some of this is in just plain poor condition. Plus at the rate I shop I need to make room. I smell an ebay sale for the special pieces I'm about to part with!

Thank god it's finally spring. This was the longest winter of my life. I need summer, I need warmth and sun!

What else can I clear out and or make room for this spring?

What about the spring cleaning of people and connections?

There are some people, I've learned I need to be more careful with. I can't loose energy over one sided friendships. I can't give if I rarely receive. Just like I can't seek people out to work together if they're not as confident and excited as I am from the get go. People who condescend or give only backhanded compliments are NOT worth a second thought. They also no longer phases me, I just feel embarrassed me FOR them. I'm also learning to forgive and move forward with other people. It feels good to "grow up". :)

xo Deena Marie

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